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The Frugal Way Of Cleaning

angie harris
With all of today’s technological advances in…well, practically everything, sometimes you find what works best is a method that was used before the industrial revolution. Today, I came across an article from Yahoo called “25 Ways To Clean With Vinegar. The article basically has a list of things you can clean with vinegar. For example, you can use vinegar as an oven degreaser or to remove...
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Game Over!

elbert traister
A lot has been happening this past week. Both my acting classes are in full swing, and so they demand a lot more of my time in terms of prep. One of them will be over in the next two weeks though. After that time, I intend to enroll in a martial arts class of some sort. I was studying wushu some time ago, but the class got...
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More Softball and More Acting

elbert traister
I spent this last week by starting another acting class. This one is geared towards prepping an actor to get in front of casting directors. Now, I’ve been on a fair amount of auditions, but I feel I can always get more experience. Also, I get to work on a comedic as well as a dramatic piece. Comedy has always been harder for me, despite the fact that...

Acting and Softball

elbert traister
The last few weeks have been fairly busy for me. I have started an acting class at the Howard Fine Studio, which has been very helpful. I haven’t had a ton of formal training when it comes to acting. I took an intro to acting class once, and that’s about it. The rest of the classes I’ve taken have been scene study classes, which don’t necessarily teach you...
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It’s over and done!

angie harris
Wow, what a journey the last couple of weeks have been. We have finally completed our first Virtual Teleconference! As a member of the YogaHub team, I am surprised that we were all able to pull it off in such a short time frame, and the response has been overwhelming from everyone who was involved (participants, speakers, etc). (more…)
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No More Vista

angie harris
I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to computers. I have never been trained in any sort of IT for computers, but I have grown up around them. Well, a laptop that I bought a couple of years ago had Vista on it. At first, I thought it was a pretty decent operating system until I started to dive deeper into the machine while trying to set...
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Doesn’t Anybody Call Anymore?

jane dagny
So I am somewhat of a tech junkie. Mp3 players, cameras, camcorders – I keep tabs on all of them. With all of the technology emerging, none has made the impact that Smartphones have. I predict that by the end of 2010, most people’s phones will be “smart.” (more…)