No More Vista

angie harris

I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to computers. I have never been trained in any sort of IT for computers, but I have grown up around them. Well, a laptop that I bought a couple of years ago had Vista on it. At first, I thought it was a pretty decent operating system until I started to dive deeper into the machine while trying to set up my wireless connection.

Through the years with this laptop, the amount of grief, anger, and heartache Vista has caused me has been just about unbearable, almost to the point where I was extremely tempted to throw my laptop out of the window and run it over with my car.

Finally, I decided to take my laptop to my brother-in-law so that he could erase all traces of Vista on my laptop and put in a decent operating system.

He downgraded it to XP.

And thank goodness for that! Now I can work much more efficiently without having to worry about those annoying Vista widgets that get in the way. Also, I know where everything is!

Vista has truly caused a lot of heartache for me! That just goes to show…sometimes old is better than new.

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  1. Michael says:

    Looks like I’m going to have to look up a couple more things but this is a good spring board.

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