Being Flexible

madoka kasahara

I haven’t practiced yoga for a while, partially because we’ve had a really busy schedule that has temporarily stopped us from doing our daily yoga practice at the office, and partially because I don’t have time or money to go to yoga studios.

But I noticed recently that my body has been anxiously waiting for a chance to exercise. Hmmm…what exercise could I do without spending money? I asked my friends for advice on what kind of exercise costs no money and is the most efficient in getting my body toned again. The most consistent answer I got from them was running.

I wasn’t happy to hear what they recommended because I never liked running. But I thought about it because it’s free and it would also burn up more calories. So one day I decided to give it a try and went to the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Surprisingly, I completed a three-mile run without stopping – and I felt so good and refreshed. Since then I’ve been running a few days a week. It still makes me feel good. Recently, while stretching before running, I realized that my hands could almost fully touch the ground when I did forward bends. That’s never happened in my entire life!! My hands were always in the air or, at best, the tips of my middle fingers could barely touch the ground. I was very, very happy that my body was definitely becoming more comfortable with my exercising. I think this did not happen because of my stretches before running but because I have continued doing yoga all these years. This is another confirmation that “continuity is a key.

Even though I haven’t practiced yoga lately, I do more stretching at home whenever I have time – because maintaining flexibility makes my body feel much better!

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