8 Glasses of Water a Day

Segovia Smith

The old saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Well, if you’re referring to “Apple” products – the iPhone in particular, that is – perhaps the saying still has merit in today’s fast-paced society.

I find myself saying “There’s an App For That!” nearly every day now. With the app store touting nearly 200,000 apps, I’ve come to a recent conclusion that there is pretty much an app for just about everything you can think of — no matter how small a niche or obscure the idea.

My most recent gold mine is a sweet little app called Water by foware. I came down with a fever a few weeks back and needed a way to track my water intake. I started just logging the time of when I finished a glass of water into notepad. However, it was kind of boring and uninspiring so I did what nearly every good technology loving, iPhone fanatic would do – I went looking for an app.

Sure enough, a search for “water” brought up at least half a dozen different apps that could do exactly what I needed. After a quick glance and a few reviews, I spotted a clear winner. Not only was this one of the more well thought-out apps I’ve seen in terms of design and aesthetics, it was simple to learn and use.

In a nutshell, you track your daily water intake by placing various different-sized water glasses and bottles onto a table as you finish each container throughout the day. They track your daily progress over time, grading you on a scale of A through F, and display a line chart for the past 30 days to illustrate your progress. If you get 7 A’s, you receive a Bronze medal, and if you keep up your results over time, you can even work your way up to a Platinum award for 365 days.

When you first load up the app, you input a bunch of data points such as your weight, age, the climate you live in, etc. and it calculates the exact amount of water you need to be drinking per day.

Now this might sound just a little on the cheesy side, but for a tech geek who – to some – could appear to be glued to his phone all day, it’s the perfect app.

It takes some dedication to remember to open it and log your progress, but once you get that habit squared away, it’s all downhill from there.

I’ve realized that there are several tips to ensuring your success:

1. Make sure you finish your first glass in the first two hours of your day.
2. Try and drink at least 10-12 oz every two hours.
3. As soon as you finish a glass, go get a refill immediately.
4. Take time for frequent washroom breaks – they’ll decrease over time.
5. Make sure the “Water” app is on your iPhone Doc or home screen.

And don’t forget to reward yourself personally when you achieve 100%. I swear, I must have been a dehydrated zombie like the rest of the world before I found this app. I think I probably drank about 1-2 glasses of water per day at the best of times. Now, in the past 18 days, I’ve managed to drink 995 oz. Now that’s a lot of water!

How’s your water intake? What other life-altering apps have you’ve made a part of your daily gadgetry?
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Author: Segovia Smith

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