Yogi Times -5th Anniversary

Paloma Chavez

We are fortunate to have several national magazines whose focus is about providing information an a dialogue about the practice and lifestyle of yoga. But there is a west coast publication that has chosen to bring us this work for FREE.

Sophie Parienti, founder/editor of Yogi Times is celebrating the 5th year anniversary of the first publication. In her editor’s column she states, “…this issue tells the story of how Yogi Times came to be, how it has developed over the last five years and why it continues to grow and flourish with the support and encouragement from countless people who believe in it.”

This unique and free magazine has consistently provided quality articles that include special guest interviews, alternative health ideas, asana pages, and lifestyle and community spotlights. In their own words, “Yogi Times magazine has been a voice for this consciously minded, socially and environmentally aware community.”

Check out their site for upcoming news about their expansion into other cities, as well as the release of their Yogi Times Business Magazine. This magazine is intended to serve those entrepreneurs whose business look to reflect a yogic lifestyle and are seeking resources and ideas on how to improve their business practices.

We congratulate them on their success and look forward to the next 5 years of quality writing and information.
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