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Margaret Kruszewska

Yoga Teacher InsideYou are your own best yoga teacher. While it’s true that finding a good yoga teacher is like falling in love, ultimately that “teacher” is you. The trust and enthusiasm you experience with a teacher who has you coming back for more is just your own desire for that knowledge.

I suppose that’s true of any relationship, but in yoga, the importance of the teacher-student relationship is central to many schools of yoga practice. Unlike in India, where a guru is crucial to the yoga initiate and devotee, yoga practitioners here have questioned the meaning and purpose of such authority figures. This has been especially significant for female yoga practitioners who have experienced the same abuses of power in spiritual communities by male teachers that permeate the patriarchal systems of organized religions, law and social structures.

Yoga offers one avenue of spiritual practice that does not rely on going to someone for the answer. The practice itself is the question, and the answer.

-Margaret “saraswati”

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