A Yoga Retreat at Sea

Paloma Chavez

yogaboat.jpgImagine this: It is 5:30 am. You are up with the dawn, and there’s a vast open sea just outside your door. Now add into your imagination that the door you are walking out of is a cabin door on a cruise ship.

Over six days, 950 people join Baba Ramdev and sail through ports in China and Vietnam while exploring yoga at sea. According to Baba Ramdev “We strive to connect entertainment with yoga. By that we mean that entertainment should not remain confined to dance, music, lust and addiction to material things. It should calm your mind and also drench your spirit. This sort of entertainment should have purity, along with values and basic fundamentals. A person should experience it all spiritually – and that’s what we are striving for.”

While participants rise early and attend class for three hours, their enthusiasm does not diminish but instead is rejuvenated by the environment. As one student explains, “It’s such a beautiful environment and with swamiji (yoga guru) we all get transcended to an entirely different world.”

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