Yoga Poses To Infinity

Margaret Kruszewska

Yoga Poses to InfinityDuring my travels in India I learned an important life lesson while riding buses and trains:

there’s always room for one more!

I’ve often repeated this idea while teaching near-capacity classes because it applies to the attitude and state of mind a yoga student cultivates that eventually becomes more important than learning which foot to place where in asana. Truth be told, conditions are rarely just right, usually you don’t have the time, money and space and other people seem to always get in your way, right?!

Tonight, after attending my Sanskrit studies class, I realized just how this sentence also applies in understanding why there exist hundreds of different interpretations and schools of yoga and thousands of yoga teachers. Unfortunately, yoga teachers (and students) are prone to all the usual human foibles of pride, arrogance, envy and greed! As witnessed in the many times I’ve overhead conversations or read magazine articles that denounce all other yoga teachers but their own.

But like the thousands of ways to read a Sanskrit combination, or the infinite number of folks who can climb onto a bus- in yoga, there is always room for one more!

-Margaret “Saraswati”

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