Youth Share Yoga With Seniors

Paloma Chavez

youthyoga.jpgIn Michigan, students of the Mona Shores High School are taking their unique experience of yoga into their community. At a nearby senior center, residents are often dealing with limited mobility and mental awareness, so regular visits from the students help to keep the seniors active.

Although the seniors are mostly confined to chairs, the students make adjustments to the yoga poses with the assistance of their teachers. According to one student “They need a little help, but they’re getting the hang of it.” As part of a pilot program for the special needs students of Mona Shores High School, they have been practicing yoga as an alternative to other exercise programs. And because of its success, the students have gained an understanding of the value of the yoga class, which has allowed them to gain more confidence and focus in their daily lives.

As reported in the Michigan News one student exclaims, “I am strong. I am fun to be around. I am confident. I am kind to others.”
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