Yoga for the Terminally Irresponsible

Allistair Santiago

yoga-at-home.jpgThis past week, things have come to a bit of a head and I’m suddenly finding myself remembering what it’s like to have five teachers, each of whom believe their class is the most important. That’s right, it’s mid-term season – the worst part of the school year. Some might say finals are the worst, but at least a final exam heralds the end of class and the beginning of break time. After a mid-term, however, you’re right back in class the next day with more assignments to do and no end in sight. So for this last fortnight, I’ve been going slightly batty attempting to keep up to date with the never-ending stream of projects and deadlines.

This year, however, is the first year that I’ve been practicing yoga while in school. I’ve been finding it difficult to get to the evening classes I like, so I’ve been trying to use The Gift of Yoga DVD at least once a week. The upshot of this, however, is that this is the first time I’m noticing exactly how de-stressing yoga can be. And the results are nearly immediate.

Last weekend, for example, I was tearing my hair out over a lengthy and complicated animation exam. Our teacher asked that we do it all the old fashioned way: pencil drawings and flipbooks. Before continuing my work on Sunday morning, I decided to procrastinate with a bit of yoga. The workout was intensely relaxing. I finished the workout, lying in shivasana, feeling refreshed and ready, if not eager, to hit the drawing table.

Apparently, the half-hour yoga session turned my irresponsible stalling into an academically responsible course of action.

Since then, I’ve been inspired. Yoga has become an incredibly useful technique in a manner I didn’t expect. Not only does it provide me grounds for procrastination, but it makes my dawdling worthwhile. It’s perfect. Anything that can actually make me ready to work while slightly gratifying my laziness is an invaluable life technique that must be preserved and explored further.

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