Caring for Your Feet

Paloma Chavez

DC_Feet.JPGAre you struggling with ways to mend a tense ankle, stiff toes or a painful bunion? Any of these can be uncomfortable or even painful, whether you’re just walking or participating in exercises such as your yoga practice.

In this month’s Yoga+ magazine, Doug Keller takes a thorough, holistic view of how individuals can manage the painful formation of bunions and halt its progression.

As Doug explains in his article “Bye-Bye Bunions!” this ailment is often attributed to “constrictive shoes, coupled with the fact that we rarely stretch, massage, or otherwise properly exercise our feet.” Although the medical field considers bunions hereditary, Doug points out that they can equally be caused by “tight shoes – combined with a habit of walking with the feet turned out.”

To help alleviate the painful effects of bunions, Doug clearly lays out a series of exercises and yoga poses that will help relieve stressed feet and perhaps even prevent the growth of bunions. With foot exercises ranging from “activating your arches” to “yoga handshake,” the demonstrations are useful tools for learning how to care for your feet.

To read the full article and find out more about exercises that will help reduce pain and fatigue in your feet, check out

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