Even Rockers Need to Stretch

Paloma Chavez

Adam LevineFor Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, starting a yoga practice was never on his agenda. But when he realized that he was experiencing chronic stress and muscle tightness in his lower back, his trainer suggested he consider yoga.

In a Women’s Health interview, Adam Levine says, “I was wary of the clichés associated with yoga: spirituality used as a marketing tool or Eastern philosophy sold at Starbucks to disenchanted lawyers and accountants looking for meaning. What I soon realized is that yoga welcomes everyone – that’s extremely appealing.”

Even though his first class left him feeling as though “someone was ripping my body apart,” his commitment to his practice is now unwavering. According to his yoga teacher Alanna Zabel, “Adam has the same intensity in yoga as he does in a music video. We work every day when he’s at home.”

Adam’s advice for the beginning yoga student is “Start simple. Yoga will drastically improve you in every way imaginable.”

For Adam’s yoga playlist, check the following links on the Women’s Health website.

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