International Yoga Festival

Paloma Chavez

festival.jpgThe International Yoga Festival celebrates it’s third year in Jordan and Egypt. This year’s festival is entitled “The Wonders of the World Peace Pilgrimage: From Giza to Petra” From May 30th to June 7th participants will be inspired and rejuvenated by a series of daily activities.

Beginning on the first day with a sunset meditation and a special ceremony at the foot of the Khufu Pyramid. Each day will include yoga classes, sunrise meditation, local excursions and special lectures with noted instructors.

The festival organizers ( Hermes Arabia in partnership with Yoga Synthesis) goal is “Through educational, historical and spiritual knowledge, we hope to raise your awareness of a true world order, with inner and outer peace.” Attendance has advanced within the last two years and generally brings in about 2,000 participants.

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