Yoga Amongst the Art

Paloma Chavez

museumyoga1.jpgWhen you attend a yoga class, do you take notice of your surroundings?  Generally we find ourselves in a soothing and relaxing environment, filled with meditative music and muted lights. How often have you found yourself in a gallery, enjoying the art and thinking, “I’d like to do a yoga class in here.” But at the time it might seem a bit unusual.

In Austin, Texas Olivia Silver leads a monthly yoga class amongst the artwork on display at the Blanton Museum of Art. According to Ms Silver, “One of the things yoga teaches us is that you should be able to do it anywhere.”

As part of the museum’s efforts to fully engage with their community, the Blanton Museum of Art provides an open space for yoga students to be inspired on multiple levels. “The main focus is to connect art and ideas. We try and connect with people’s other interest. We want to present that perspective in relationship to the art.”
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