Yelp! For Yoga

jane dagny

JA_yelp_12.31.08.JPGOk, so it’s been a while since I took a Yoga class…I know, so bad (like 3 years bad).

Looking for a Yoga studio can be very time consuming, especially with the amount of studios in my area – Los Angeles. There’s just a lot of “stuff” around.

Something as simple as deciding where to eat can drive you nuts…

You need something to help you sift…you need…the internet… Hey! You’re already here right?

One resource that I am in love with is “Yelp!”

Yelp!” is the fastest growing community review and feedback site, and IMO of the most valuable online resources out there today. I’ve always found that reviews on “Yelp!” have given me an accurate preview of what I could expect from my experience at a restaurant, activity, service, etc.

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