Watching Things Change

Anatara Buckley

The world as we know it is changing in so many ways…

This flux is not new. The flow from one experience to another is part of the timelessness of our existence. That we have changing needs, changing habits and changes in friendship, career and location is all normal.

And yet it feels as if there are bigger changes afoot all around us right now.

When we feel a new and dynamic form of energy start to affect us, sometimes we embrace it, and sometimes we just want to shut it out. When it’s an unknown sensation, and there’s no one who can explain it to us, the quick reaction would be to ignore it, or to avoid it altogether.

As one of many species on earth, we have been preparing for the BIG changes set to come our way in this magical year of 2012. I believe that feeling the magic, instead of retreating in uncertainty, is our call to Love.

The most certain way to find a sense of stability as we shift from forms of fear into forms of Love, is to look toward what our gut instincts, or our Intuition, have
to tell us…

I will be speaking about this at the Virtual Yoga Conference “Yoga, Meditation and the Philosopher’s Stone” this February. My talk is on Using Intuition in this Dynamic and Passionate Time of Change. We will look at ways to work with what we know, but don’t always acknowledge, to give us a sense of purpose and safety as we transition to the magical new awareness we are opening to.

Breathe, meditate, play, and accept the opening which you have been craving.

  • Anatara’s course Intuition, the Inner Tutor, masterfully introduces the basics for opening to ones intuitive nature. As a guide and counsellor Anatara brings resolution to confusion and despair.
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    Author: Anatara Buckley

    Anatara has been offering intuitive readings, “Angel Listenings”, and spiritual counsel for over 25 years to clients throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. Aware of angelic beings communicating with her since her childhood years in Boston,

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