Technology and How Fast Do We Need to Know?

Margaret Kruszewska

Yoga next to ComputerFor those like myself trying to make our way through techo-lingo, I’m including a link to a wonderful index of terms available on my friend Mark Glaser’s blog for Public Broadcast Company (PBS) entitled Media Shift (which offers very thoughtful writing on the effects of technology on politics, arts and as a tool of globalization). And no doubt about it, yoga is part of that world.

Writing the YogaHub blog and developing content for the YogaHub site has required riding out enormous bursts of information on how to utilize technology to create a yoga community. I still have too many questions and concerns to just sing its praises but I recognize that it is just that- a tool and one of many so that in my mind the microchip is just one of many gadgets a multi-armed goddess holds these days!

I do think we not only need to acknowledge the power of the internet to connect us across physical space but also consider what we may be losing. I recently had a conversation with a computer wizard who pretty much insisted that everything, no matter how complex the idea, can be reduced to a line or two. While that approach to writing and information dissemination is not new, I worry that it may be become the dominant approach.

I wondered if a steady diet of fast information would have the same effect as a steady diet of fast food from McDonald’s. And we all know what director Morgan Spurdock concluded about that in his documentary film Super Size Me!

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