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Inspirational Quotes

Megan Mcdonough
This morning I went to add a new saying to my “favorite quotes” folder and found that the file was gone. I’ve been adding to that document for over a decade, collecting all the sayings that touched my heart, gave me inspiration, or provided a new perspective. Now the inspirational document is gone—probably accidentally erased when I was cleaning up the hard drive. It’s like a metaphor for life. Sometimes...
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A Kid at Heart

Francesca Silva
Many of my family and friends tease me that I’m a kid at heart. I still love reading children’s books and watching Disney movies. When my nieces and nephews were younger, we would have grand adventures together. I used to love playing dress-up with them – I had a whole trunk full of costumes they could choose from. They could be swashbuckling pirates, pretty-in-pink princesses, knights in shining armor, fairies…if...
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