Seeing the Body in Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_seeing-yoga-in-body.jpgHow do you “see” your body?

Part of my continued studies is looking at how medical literature from the past 100 years has viewed the body. Anatomy and physiology books can tell us a lot about how we believe our body “functions.” A recent book called The Architecture and Design of Man and Woman : The Marvel of the Human Body, Revealed by Alexander Tsiaras artfully illustrates one way of “seeing” our inner body.

But there exist many other ways also. In yoga philosophy and spiritual teachings the body is frequently described in terms of subtle energies. These are paths of energy that would not necessary appear on an anatomy chart thru which prana flows.

I try and visualize what my body looks like- is it the skeletal system I’m familiar with from adjusting students in yoga poses? Or the vital organs which I’ve studied in acupressure that become revitalized while holding a yoga pose? Or is it the chakras, nadis, or koshas described in yogic systems?

How you “see” your body will affect your attitudes about your health and your connection to healing energies around you and within you.

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