Salsa (Dancing Not Eating)!

Francesca Silva

AMGT_salsa_03.26.09.jpgSee what happens when I watch Dancing with the Stars?

My husband’s not too happy with me right now. In a fit of misguided inspiration (okay, I knew he wouldn’t be happy but thought I’d take a chance anyway), I signed us both up for salsa dance classes at the local recreation centre.

Since I was smart enough to pre-pay, my long-suffering husband had no choice but to attend the sessions – albeit reluctantly. He was holding out hope that the dance instructor would look like Jennifer Lopez from the movie “Shall we dance,” but those hopes were soon dashed to the ground! Not that our instructor isn’t lovely – she just isn’t in the Jennifer Lopez calibre…but then again, who is?!

During our first lesson, we spent an inordinate amount of time learning the basic salsa step and making sure our posture and positioning were correct. Then our instructor started teaching us various moves and before we knew it, we were doing the salsa! Okay, it was our very amateurish version of the salsa but at least it was (vaguely) recognizable – or maybe not!

Now that we’ve been to three classes, we’re really starting to enjoy ourselves (although my husband has yet to admit to this.) There are five other couples who are learning with us and the biggest problem for most of them seems to be one of balance. Although I do have a reputation of being a klutz in my everyday life (if there’s something to bump into, I’ll bump into it; if there’s a rug to trip over, I’ll trip over it), I seem to be having no problem keeping my balance. I suspect that the reason for this is due to my regular yoga classes –I just knew that tree pose would come in handy one day!

At our last class, when my husband complained about not being able to keep his balance and asked how I could keep mine, I suggested that he sign up for some yoga classes as well. For some reason, that didn’t go down very well, but it could be that right now he – like me – is too busy trying to master the salsa!

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One Response to “Salsa (Dancing Not Eating)!”

  1. Christina says:

    It’s so great that you took the initiative to go for the “Gusto”!

    Salsa is a wonderful way to move the Kundalini energy in our bodies.

    I began salsa because I just loved the rhythm of the music. Then to learn to move my body to that rhythm was just the most awesome feeling. I danced all the way through my pregnancy and would you believe that when my son was cranky, it was the salsa music that calmed him down. . . . not a lulluby!

    I hope that you and your husband continue. Like in Yoga, if we can just step out of our own Minds the rhythm will take over our body, mind and spirit. The balance will come.


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