A Pain in the Neck

Paloma Chavez

DC_neck-problem.jpgFeeling stressed and in pain? There are so many factors that can cause us to feel tension – anything from a having bad day to the pressure of dealing with the recent downturn in the economy. And these stresses can so easily manifest themselves in our bodies. Even with a regular yoga practice, we are susceptible to nagging aches, pains, and lingering tensions – all of which can be difficult to relieve.

One of the most common areas of tension strain occurs in the neck. A crick in the neck can happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from sleeping in the wrong position to spending too much time at the computer. And that ache in the neck can also rapidly spread to other areas of our bodies, giving us headaches, pinched nerves, and a general feeling of pain in our bodies. I’m sure most of us have experienced this. But what can we do to relieve the pain?

Well, the staff at the KSEE 4 News, of Fresno, California recently found out when they were introduced to specific yoga poses that can help relieve a pain in the neck (and we’re talking about actual pain here, not a disgruntled person who’s making your life miserable)! Katie Blunt, a yogini at COIL Yoga, guided the news staff through a series of yoga postures that are thought to beneficial in relieving stiffness and pain in the neck area. Katie, who had used these same poses to repair her own neck trauma caused by her last childbirth, demonstrated specific yoga poses such as the Locust, Warrior 1, and Partner Boat.

Physical therapist and yoga teacher Julie Gromstead has seen her share of neck strains and injuries, and she concurs that “yoga can do wonders for neck problems while simultaneously teaching safer, healthier posture habits.”

So if you’re suffering from neck pain and would like to learn more about the specific yoga poses that can provide you with some relief, check out the following website: Getting Rid of Nick Pain with Yoga Poses.

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3 Responses to “A Pain in the Neck”

  1. sophia jason says:

    Neck pains are oftentimes caused by strains and spasms on the muscles of that region. And this pain can go down the shoulder area. Left untreated neck pain can progress into more severe conditions, such as herniated discs and osteoporosis. Spinal decompression treatment is an innovative solution to neck pain that has been proven as an effective alternative to surgery.

  2. Sunny says:

    I’ll have to remember this for the next time I wake up and find that I can’t move my neck more than 15% to the left or right, because when it occurs (which isn’t very often) I find that I barely have the patience to search out a solution online.


  3. Paloma says:

    I currently spend up to 8 hours at my desk in front of a computer. I often find myself leaning into the screen and hunching up my shoulders. A few days go by and I wonder why I am having aches and pains in my neck and tightness in my lower back. I finally figured out that if I don’t stop every hour to check on my posture, get up and do a few simple asanas and breathe, my body will be suffering for days. I appreciate the information about decompression treatment, I would like to hear more about it if you have any personal experience with this alternative practice.

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