Poetry of Motion

Paloma Chavez

buddha.jpgWith the change in the season, night falling sooner and new reflections of the year closely coming to an end, I found myself in “poetic motion” and I was looking for some inspiration.

Perhaps a familiar language that also engages in this journey of taking yoga one day at a time?

So I went to my familiar tool, the computer, popped in a few choice words and out came this page of yoga poetry that unfolded out of the Harbin Women’s Retreat and other workshops lead by Angela Farmer.

Just a random find of a small collection of poetry that is personal, thoughtful and intimate. Here is an excerpt of one of the pieces found on the site; Life, Volunteering, by Janet Hockfield:
I receive,
Pause in fullness momentarily,
Then give back.
I pause once again,
In the fullness
Of emptiness.

Have you come across a poem that reflects your practice? Or do you have your own words to share? Let us know, we are always open to artistic contributions.

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