Partnering Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska

Another trend I’ve noticed in many of the classes I’ve taken in the Bay area- the teacher will partner you with another student and then demonstrate how you can work off of each other. I have to admit I’m not too crazy about it, but I’m open to changing my mind. Has anyone else felt uncomfortable doing this during a yoga class?

My reasons are that most folks aren’t trained in doing hands-on adjustments (it’s kind of like asking someone to cut your hair “just a little here and there” – they may have a hidden talent but I’d prefer they develop it first!) It would be different if it were a class full of yoga teachers in training but it seems strange to assume this knowledge from yoga students.

I admit nothing bad has ever happened from these partnering sessions-except that I felt concerned (once a yoga teacher, always a yoga teacher). Is the idea for students to then go home and show it to their partner? I realize that often in a large class the teacher cannot get to everyone but I find these little exercises more distracting than anything. But I guess different strokes…!

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