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Paloma is a writer living in Los Angeles. Throughout her career she has had an advent interest in the arts and practices of indigenous and ancient philosophies. This brought her to study with Native American elders, Buddhist priests, Yaqui teachers and Benedictine monks. Later she practiced Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism for nearly 15 years, as well as being trained in specific Lakota ceremonial traditions over the last 12 years. Each encounter provided her with unique and lasting impressions upon her writing which she is compiling in a series of short stories.

Today she has turned her focus onto the benefits of yoga and meditation and its effects on the mind, body, and spirit. As a relatively new student of yoga her observations offer a range of insights and musings. With this continued interest she has passionately researched and gathered a multitude of references and writings pertaining to the history and methodology of yoga, and meditation.

She is also committed to the study of building urban communities that include the arts, whole health living and entrepreneurial sustainability. She lives in an urban neighborhood with a family of artists, activists, economists, entrepreneurs, naturalists and politicians, which all help to play a part of her writing.

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