On Being a Yoga Teacher/Practitioner

Margaret Kruszewska

Many years ago, as a long time yoga student with the Sivananda organization under the direction of Swami Vishnu Devananda, I listened to a discussion about how Swami Vishnu Devananda had been criticized for making teachers’ training too available to everyone.

Having been one of the first gurus from India who created a teachers’ training program, people made fun of his producing so many “yoga teachers.” But Swami Vishnu knew exactly what he was doing and claimed that the reason he accepted so many students into teacher’s training was so that they could become more devoted practitioners.

As I have said before in my Article on choosing a yoga teacher, a true yoga teacher is a yoga practitioner. This seems obvious, yet needs some explanation. Practicing yoga means not only doing rounds of sun salute and strong handstands. As a teacher, it means being of service to others which may take the form of further study, deeper meditation and contemplation, performing puja rituals, writing articles and essays – activities of the body and mind that take time and care to develop.

And in the process of becoming a yoga teacher, you are also continuing to become a yoga practitioner. Every act gives you a chance to explore the “material” even more, offering insights to yourself and others.

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