NEWS: Study on Breathing Techniques for Asthma Patients

News Item: Breathing Exercises May Help Asthma


The process of practicing breathing techniques may be more important than the type of breathing technique used.

Trying breathing techniques before using rescue inhalers might help curb use of rescue inhalers.

Details of the Study:

57 people were split into 2 groups and each group was taught either a simple nostril breathing technique or a series of upper body exercises combined with a breath control technique. They were instructed to do these sequences twice daily and to try doing them before reaching for an inhaler.

After the 30 week study period, researchers noted a “dramatic reduction” of 86% in use of rescue inhalers and a 50% drop in use of inhaled corticosteroids” for both groups.

Seems that just knowing some form of breathing technique, such as those common to yoga practice, gives that person another way to handle asthma without reliance on inhalers and steroids.

SOURCES: Slader, C. Thorax, June 5, 2006; Online First edition. News release, BMJ

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