Neti Pot-less!

Francesca Silva

I have a confession to make. You know how proud I was of myself because I was doing really well with my Neti Pot? Well, pride obviously comes before a fall because a few weeks ago I stopped my nightly cleansing ritual.

Why? What was I thinking (or not thinking)? Of all the times when the Neti Pot would come in useful, winter would be it. And with all the flu and H1N1 bugs floating around, you’d think I’d be even more diligent about using my Neti Pot.

But no, I admit it – I got lazy.

I started the year off well, faithfully using my Neti Pot every night. I even extolled its virtues to my friend Sharon (who still hasn’t bought one, as far as I know).

And then I got home late one night and decided to skip it – just for one night, which turned into another night…and another…and – well, you know how it is.

Then a few days ago, I got a big wake-up call. I woke up with a sore throat and a headache. My first thought – oh no. My second thought – where’s my Neti Pot?

Ah, there it was ~ looking reproachfully at me…

I lay in bed and started having a conversation with myself, which went something like this:
“You really should do your cleansing now, before you feel even worse.”
“Yes, but I already have a sore throat so drowning myself with Neti isn’t going to make me feel better.”
“Of course it will – in the long run.”
“But I want to feel better now. And pouring stuff up my nose is not going to help this blinding headache!”
“Oh for goodness sake – develop a spine and get on with it, girl.”

Well, this was ridiculous – I knew from previous experience how beneficial the Neti Pot was so what the heck was I waiting for?

Before I could talk myself out of it again, I went to my Neti Pot, filled it and started my cleansing ritual. It took me a while to get back into it and I admit I did get that drowning sensation again but I got through it. I did it again that night and when I got up the next morning my throat and head felt better.

So whatever it was I had is now gone and I’m back to using my Neti Pot every night. And now that I’m getting back into a routine, I’m determined not to get lazy again…and let’s hope I can stick to it this time!

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