Navaratri-saraswati knowledge

Margaret Kruszewska

navaratri saraswatiSaraswati is beloved by schoolchildren, poets and musicians.  Anywhere there is this transmission of inspiration, knowledge and information.  She resides in libraries, bookstores, amongst artists, performers of art and ceremony and scholars. 

I remember walking into a large bookstore in Delhi and seeing a beautiful statue of Her sitting right in the center of the warehouse store.  It took me a while to locate the books which weren’t the featured items obviously (contrary to our theories of display merchandising!).  Instead, this little altar to Her and the space she occupied.
And Saraswati is not only about book-learning or data; Her knowledge includes:  memory, perception, intuition, inspiration, intelligence, creativity,  knowing how to conduct ritual and knowledge of medicinal plants and water, power of words and the healing properties of sound.

Jai Saraswati-Ma!

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