Navaratri: Lakshmi

Margaret Kruszewska

Navaratri LakshmiToday begins the next 3 days dedicated to Lakshmi energy.  I remember seeing an image of Lakshmi on many cash registers in Indian shops.

Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity and well-being.  She understands how life energy flows in the material world.  She is pictured with the elephant, sits on a pink lotus and often has gold coins streaming from her palms.

When I think of Lakshmi (and I know several real Lakshmis!) I always smile, because she really understands beauty and comfort and the importance of physical needs: our homes, our environments, our ability to help others and to maintain and continue the life we experience through our bodies.   Sri Lakshmi reminds us to fully participate in the richness of life itself.

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