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AMGT_menopause_love_02.09.09.jpgI love my husband – I really do. He’s my best friend, my support system, and the love of my life. And we share the same (warped) sense of humour, so he makes me laugh ~ most of the time.

Occasionally, though, he drives me nuts! I mean, what is it about men that they can switch on a light but can’t switch it off? Or they can open a cupboard door but can’t close it?

Oh, and if they open the fridge and what they want doesn’t jump out at them, is it beyond them to move a few things around until they find what they want? (Yes….) And don’t even get me started on men and their remote controls!

I guess it doesn’t help that I’m going through my mid-life “magic” right now, which means anything and everything can get on my last nerve. But that said, he doesn’t have to encourage me to lose it, does he?

Sigh… I now know why it’s called “MENopause.”

Of course, having spent half of this blog complaining about him, I’m now going to defend him. (As a Libra, I always have to consider both sides, even when I’m arguing with myself – which is kind of fun, in a perverse way)! I have to admit that he’s easygoing, patient, and has a very high tolerance level – but he’s definitely no pushover!

I’m sure there are tons of endearing things I do that irritate the heck out of my husband (not that I can think of any) and on any given day we can disagree on a multitude of issues. But there is one thing that we both agree on – and that’s how much yoga has improved my (lately) thorny disposition.

Whenever I go to my yoga class, I find that all my frustration just melts away. Going through my yoga poses enables me to focus on finding that essential balance in mind, spirit, and body. I always return home feeling refreshed, at peace, and in love with the world again. And for this reason alone, my husband says he’s eternally grateful to yoga. It turns his mid-life wife back into someone vaguely familiar, someone with a sense of humour who’s tolerant of others, especially him!

Now, if I can only persuade him to sign up for a yoga class….

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