A Lazy Day

John Sovec

Sleepy PuppyIt is very rare that I spend a day doing nothing. I wonder why. Of course, there’s usually a lot to do each day. There are many things I am passionate about – but occasionally I decide I need a “do nothing” kind of day.

On those days, I like to sleep, listen to the sounds of the house, watch the dog sleep, and in general not push myself. On those days, I often find that I’ve become more aware of my physical, emotional and spiritual being because I’ve given my body a little more space to speak to me.

And I never plan in advance when I’m going to take one of my “do nothing” days – that’s the fun part. It’s like winning a second prize in a box of Cracker Jack.

They always make me smile![tags] awareness of physical being, do nothing days, lazy days, emotional being[/tags]

Author: John Sovec

John Sovec is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher serving the community of Pasadena. In his therapy work John specializes in focusing clients on uncovering their personal strengths, building upon those strengths, and encouraging clients to live the best lives…

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  1. Such good advice. Advice that so many need to hear. Probably one of the best pieces of advice I have read online. So much of the internet is filled with, do, do, do …


  2. YES, YES, to quote one of my great teachers…’your overdoing IS your undoing!” so take time to do nothing and undo undo undo.

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