H.S. Arun Teaches at Yoga House

Paloma Chavez

arun.jpgYoga House has a reputation of providing unique and innovative yoga workshops in Pasadena, CA. For one weekend in June they will be hosting Sri. H.S. Arun, yoga master and disciple of B.K.S. Iyengar. According to Co-Owner of Yoga House, Farzaneh Noori, who experienced his work at the Yogachary Festival, “ I feel like the essence of yoga came through Arun’s teaching as he took the group deeper than they’d ever thought possible.”

Sri H. S Arun was born in India and began his yoga practice in 1974 as an answer to his struggles with asthma. He took to it almost immediately and two years later became a teacher, leaving behind his career in accounting. Since then he has devoted his life to sharing the work of B.K.S. Iyengar and is known for his compassionate attention towards each student. “As I started teaching Yoga, I saw different kinds of human bodies and thousands of complex minds; despite the apparent similarities between people I saw that each individual has very distinct needs. I appreciate the challenge of shaping body and mind of my every student”.

A familiar teacher at many conferences around the world, he has worked with professionals at medical colleges and factories. He has also authored 15 books on yoga, with an English translation called “Yoga in Day-to-Day Life.”
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