Healing Yourself… "Are You Truly Ready?"

Christina Souza Ma

healing-yourself.JPGAs a body worker, this is a question that I share with my clients.

In my journey, there have been many individuals I have encountered who have amazingly overcome what many professionals deemed incurable diseases or a slow process of deterioration.

Being fully attuned to mind and body, I appreciate everything to do with health and well being for all individuals. I believe that there is reason for Eastern and Western medicines. There is a place for both to integrate and create an important balance within each individual.

Body, mind, and spirit. Many do not believe these are integrated to their physical health. Why? When did society make us believe that our unhappiness has nothing to do with our illness or our will to live? Are these physical, emotional, and spiritual components all not within every individual? Of course they are. If we do not pay attention to any one of these three parts, the repercussions could be devastating.

I am writing this because of my encounter with several individuals over the past few months. Each individual is dealing with a different situation that is causing great imbalance in their physical health.One of them is the most difficult for me, as it is someone very close. This person has been dealing with a skin condition that the medical profession has not been able to diagnose. It’s been five years now. The condition follows a routine – it becomes intense and then, with a little topical treatment, it subsides – but only to hide in the depths of the body.

Five years of misery. How does one stand it? Yet there is an unwillingness to shift in diet or begin regular internal cleansing. The equipment and products have been supplied but the trust in correcting the physical issue is not there, so the items have not been used. Frustrating to witness? Yes.

Part of the reason is that this individual has not chosen to be open to flexibility in everyday life. This person is a very direct, habitual being – some would say stubborn. It could be that this imbalance exists as a guide to learn flexibility and openness, thus allowing change, empowerment. It could be the best thing that may happen to people – to help them shift and learn to love themselves and appreciate themselves for all that they are. But the question is when will they choose to see that they – as individuals – do matter in life? That everyone holds an important role.

Trust. Belief. These factors play major roles in helping individuals find balance and health in themselves. How do we find the strength and confidence to believe that we CAN heal ourselves from within?

If we can acknowledge the fact that, innately, we have the power within us to choose, we will begin to flow easier in our journey. Why hold on to what is imbalanced when we have so much to look forward to in life if we just open ourselves to all possibilities?

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Author: Christina Souza Ma

Christina has lived many lives – from professional Cosmetologist, L’Oreal’s Technical Commercial Director of South East Asia, Hair and Make-up designer behind the camera, to Actor and Body worker. Many years ago, Christina had a vision to create an entity that would

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