Energy of Sun Salutations

Christina Souza Ma

office-yoga.jpgI have been complaining for months about not being able to make it to Yoga classes. I have been agitated by the erratic energy among my team in the office, as well as the clutter all around me – in my house, in my office – which all in all is my life.

So what do I do? How do I shift all the energies again and create flow?

What are the simple steps – the lowest hanging fruit?

Clean up! Okay, but where to start?

Does it matter? It’s all cluttered so anywhere is a beginning, right?

Okay, so each weekend we have been cleaning or organizing something. It feels great to know that there is another box being donated.

But what about the stagnant energies? So let’s move on to that too.

Last week, for the first time, I had the whole team bring in their Yoga mats. We lay them all out and I guided everyone through four sets of Sun Salutations. I was worried about whether I would even remember how to do them, and also that inner voice kept looming over me, reminding me that I’m not a certified instructor.

Too bad, I said. Just follow along everyone, nice and easy. I place my confidence in the universe to guide me, my body, my team. Four Sun Salutations took us 45 minutes.

Wow…I felt great after that. My energies began to flow rapidly – and no, it wasn’t from my cup of coffee. The energy surrounding everyone at the meeting was awesome. Best it’s been in years. No one crossed their arms, everyone was alert, and it was just wonderful.

I can’t wait until next week’s pre-meeting Yoga!

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Author: Christina Souza Ma

Christina has lived many lives – from professional Cosmetologist, L’Oreal’s Technical Commercial Director of South East Asia, Hair and Make-up designer behind the camera, to Actor and Body worker. Many years ago, Christina had a vision to create an entity that would

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