Golf Champion Wins with Yoga

Paloma Chavez

Eduardo RomeroA professional golfer, like many athletes, can experience a level of stress and pressure that most of us will never experience. But Eduardo Romero, the 29th United States Senior Open champion, has found a way to redirect this added tension and come out a winner.

For the past ten years, Argentinean Eduardo Romero, known as “El Gato” (the cat), has practiced the Indian yoga technique Rhami Hayat to help with his concentration on the course. When asked what he derived from his yoga practice, he explained, “It’s a mental yoga. Because before, I lost concentration so quick, like this (snapping fingers)”. He continues by explaining that yoga has “helped me in life, not just in golf, but it’s good for the life.”

Immediately after the event, Eduardo returned to his village, Villa Allende, to celebrate with family and friends. In his village “everybody is talking about golf. Everybody knows about golf”, says Eduardo.

Every Friday, Eduardo and Angel Cabrera, another golf pro who lives in Villa Allende, teach golf to the local children at the village school. There is so much enthusiasm that Eduardo and Cabrera now have more than 160 children playing golf.

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