Dinner and a Yoga Class

Paloma Chavez

Chez Vous CoupleWe have finally turned the corner on dinner and a movie, or dinner in front of the TV. Have you ever imagined that you could have a yoga class and a healthy, delicious dinner made especially for you in your own home?

Chezvous, a Canadian restaurant and catering company, has come up with an innovative concept – the Yo Dinna’ service, developed by Elisse Pelz and Ezra Title. Seeking a way to bring together their individual talents and passions, Elisse and Ezra have designed a unique at-home healthy experience. At your convenience, you can have a personal yoga class in your home with Elisse while her partner Ezra works his magic in your kitchen.

Chef Ezra will whip up delicious healthy menus featuring the freshest ingredients from local shops while Yoga teacher Elisse will create a yoga session, based on your level of practice, and lead you in a rejuvenating yoga experience.

So why skip yoga class or eat an instant dinner when you can indulge all your senses with this healthy alternative?
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2 Responses to “Dinner and a Yoga Class”

  1. michelle says:

    I read about yo dinna some two months ago in the 24 hours news. Since then I am trying to find a way to connect with you, Elisse. I am more than interested to have a dinner with my daughters and their friends combined with your yoga class but through the newspaper could not find a phone or email address to talk to you. Looking forward to get a response as their birthdays are in the summer and I would love to treat them with that special evening. Thanks. A fanatic yogi Michelle

  2. YogaFriend says:

    Hey there Michelle, sounds like such a nice birthday gift for your daughters. Did you try clicking on the link that says Chezvous in the 2nd paragraph of this blog? I looked at their site and if you click under the Services tab of their site, there is an email address and phone number for Ezra. Good luck!

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