Date Night Yoga

Paloma Chavez

yogacouples.jpgIt’s all about intimacy and connection at the heart level as well as the physical,” said Sutton. “Every yoga pose is done touching your partner.”

So when you are running to your yoga class and your loved one is racing to their aerobic workout, when do you find the time to be in a quiet bonding moment. Most couples will just let out a sigh and say “Not enough time in the day.”

In Redding, CA a local yoga studio has created a special yoga session for couples to share some intimate connection. Nancy Sutton and her husband Mark Pierce, M.D. of House of Yoga, are providing an opportunity for couples to deepen their relationship through yoga poses and guided meditations.

The class meets once a month and is playfully called Date-Night Yoga, with a charge of only $15 per couple, which is cheaper than a night at the movies. And following the class the couples continue their date night and enjoy a dinner with the group.

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