Communicating the Dolphin Way

Anatara Buckley

Talking about the Unseen

What is it about the dolphins that we find so irresistible?

They look so beautiful, they glide with such effortless grace, and they demonstrate their freedom simply by living wild in the sea. Dolphins live a life unencumbered by things or by written laws…the choices they make are based on that which is required by the moment.

How they communicate the truth of the moment to one another is the basis for the ease of living they indulge in. Dolphins feel everything. They feel each other’s need for food, for play and for rest. They feel the need of the collective, the pod, to greet a new friend, to swim to a new bay, to shy away from uncomfortable groups of people, to avoid loud noises, or to support a pod member in labour.

The essence of their communication and their interaction is through what we would see as heightened feeling. (There are other ways through which the dolphins communicate with each other and with us. I may mention them later.)

I mentioned that, when I first stepped into the water with the dolphins, I could feel peace and Love beyond what I usually feel on land. What I was feeling was the collective Love of the pod. I was feeling the state of acceptance and ‘caring’, that being Love engenders.

One day when I was with them in the water, I suddenly saw a vibration around them. I believe that it was the collective field created by the feeling of Love that they live by, and by the sum of their other energetic fields. It was a visible, active bubble, spreading out from each individual and joining into a bigger bubble as they swam together and apart. There were bubbles which surrounded small groups, and a large bubble, or field, which surrounded the whole pod. These bubbles joined and un-joined each other as the physical proximity within the group changed.

On that particular day, which I highlight here, I felt and then saw my field, my bubble, join theirs. I was an energetic part of the pod, we were inseparable energetically. We were pod members of the same collective feeling.

In this pod awareness, we were communicating many things both practical and spiritual in nature. Simple things, such as which way do we swim next or whether it was time to surface for a breath yet.

I had felt these “knowings” influencing me for many days in the water with the dolphins, but this was the first time that I had also seen it!

So, back to communicating… There was a lot of sharing going on, both on seen and unseen levels. It just happened that now I could ‘see’ the extent of the closest field around us. I was also finding that I could feel their presence, even though we were miles away from each other. I had felt the collective. The tap was open.

Dolphins rely on the unseen truths of the moment to inform them of the next moment. They ‘speak’ to each other in a constant flow of awareness and Love. They accept the moment for what it is, and seldom did I feel them question anything. Curiosity abounds in the waves with them…curiosity but not doubt about the validity of something going on around them. If it is, it is.

They are speaking through the language of feeling.
They are bringing us closer and closer to living this way ourselves.

When you ‘think’ about it, who needs to talk when we can feel?

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