Finding Balance after a Chiropractic Session

Christina Souza Ma

It’s been a long time since I had my last Chiropractic adjustments – maybe eight months or so. I knew through our daily yoga practice that some parts of my physical body had shifted out of place because during the past four months of consistent practice, I have not been able to release areas that seemed so supple in the past.

I was really looking forward to my session because my doctor is awesome. She is straightforward and matches my nature at the moment when I am with her. As some of you may already get a sense of, I have many interesting mentors and doctors that I keep around me. They work on different levels of energies and don’t just focus on the physical.

I have always explained to my clients that imbalances showing up on our physical body are manifestations of imbalances within ourselves. This is why I continue to find doctors who work on the different levels of consciousness.

So my Chiropractic session was intense. I know my body loved becoming aligned again, but my mind was dealing this new structure and placement of its part and connections. I felt very uncomfortable, and my body kept wanting me to rest and slow down…yeah, right – that’s not going to happen anytime soon, with this virtual conference coming up.

Well, I did get a good night sleep but do you think I could practice my yoga fluidly this morning? I was having an incredible time during the asanas. Whose body was I in? What part is that? Where do I need to place it? Balance…what balance?

Talk about having a good laugh at myself! I know that it will take a little time for me to gain balance with my new structure. Doesn’t this sound strange? Having to get to know my body again? Doesn’t it also sound exciting because I may be able to extend myself and expand my previous boundaries. Great metaphor, don’t you think?

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Author: Christina Souza Ma

Christina has lived many lives – from professional Cosmetologist, L’Oreal’s Technical Commercial Director of South East Asia, Hair and Make-up designer behind the camera, to Actor and Body worker. Many years ago, Christina had a vision to create an entity that would

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