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A Real Estate Yogini

Paloma Chavez
DC_Realtor.JPGBeing a realtor is not just about finding the best deals but also about being able to stay calm and focused, especially during the constant changes in the current economic whirlwind. Craig Henig, who has enjoyed a successful long-term career in commercial real estate, has found that practicing hot yoga enables him to ride out any stresses he may encounter. (more…)
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A New House

John Sovec
Paint RollerSo we bought a new house – and it is quite an adventure. I had been warned by lots of people that it would be a trying and challenging experience, but I felt that with all of my connection to my yoga practice and meditation, I would be well prepared for the transition. (more…)
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Dropping the Mask

John Sovec
MasksWe walk down the street, holding our guts in, showing off our newest outfit from the latest designer, and looking down through Prada glasses in our aloofness at the world. Or we find ourselves trying to fake our way through a project because we fear that there will be huge ramifications if we do not appear to have all the knowledge. (more…)
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Free Yoga in the Park

Paloma Chavez
Free Yoga in the ParkResidents of Grand Traverse, Michigan, may be surprised to learn that yoga is happening just outside their door. This summer, the Grand Traverse community will have the opportunity to enjoy free yoga classes from the Sacred Space Yoga studio. However, they will not be doing their downward facing dog poses indoors. Sacred Space Yoga is introducing yoga newcomers to the benefits of practicing yoga in the great outdoors through a series...
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Fear of the Neti Pot

Christina Souza Ma
Neti PotYears ago, I was informed about the “Neti Pot – The Nasal Cleansing Pot”, by my yoga instructor Margaret. She explained the process to me and told me how it was practiced by Yoginis as a form of cleansing and balance. This conversation took place on many occasions over the years, well before I had my child. (more…)
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My Dog Has the Right Idea

John Sovec
Sleepy DogI think my dog has the right idea. She always seems content. Her biggest desire each day is to lie in the sun and soak up all the warmth coming off the bricks on the patio. She will be lying there when I run out in the morning to go teach a yoga class. She will be there when I come back and rush around the house to get ready...
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Spring Equinox – Celebrating the Seasons

John Sovec
Spring EquinoxTalk about feeling the effects of the spring equinox; I woke up Thursday morning and there was no choice but to clean my house. It was as if someone had set off an air raid siren and cleansing was the only action available to ease off the rush of energy flowing through me. I got a lot done that morning in a very short amount of time and it felt good to relinquish the...

Yoga Remedy for the Flu

Paloma Chavez
fluremedy.jpgThis last week I too became a part of the national statistics on people who contracted the flu. And although I like to think that I keep myself somewhat healthy throughout the year and I rarely ever get sick, I just wasn’t getting out of it so easily. I spent days and nights with holistic remedies to bring down a fever, relieve head and body aches and to clear up chest congestion. But I was also...
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