Category: Yoga for Emotional Health

Sitting Under the Jasmine

John Sovec
Jasmine TreeEvery year, I look forward to the explosion of blossoming Jasmine that takes over my back porch. When the Jasmine blooms, I move as much of my life as I can to the back patio. I read, meditate, write, eat, do yoga, drink tea – and sometimes I just sit and do nothing at all except bask in the spell of this intoxicating scent. (more…)
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Kid Stress

John Sovec

Children and YogaI was teaching a stress management workshop for kids the other day at a highly competitive private school. Even writing that sentence makes me connect with how extremely stressed so many kids are today. As a therapist, I specialize in working with teens and am constantly reminded of how much pressure is put on adolescents these days to succeed. It seems as...

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Is All Music Spiritual?

John Sovec
Music NotesIs all music spiritual? The reason I ask this today is because I love to play all kinds of different music when I am practicing yoga – everything from Deva Premal to Madonna. I let each style inspire me with the musician’s unique energy. I have shared this love of music with others and most people I teach also enjoy it. (more…)
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