Category: The Business of Yoga

Day 19: Question Obstacles

Megan Mcdonough
WritingYesterday, I had a conversation with a yoga teacher who was having a problem making progress on her goal of getting a website. Every time she started to take a step, another step would arise that needed to be addressed. It was one step forward and two back. (more…)
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Day 18: Do Not Force It

Megan Mcdonough
World Wide Web KeysYesterday, I wrote about hyperlinking back to your site when you comment or post in the YogaHub blog to gain visibility with both real people and those invisible spiders. I realized afterwards that this could lead readers to try and force-fit a sentence to include a hyperlink into the writing, even when it doesn’t fit with the content. Don’t force it – it makes...
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Day 15: The Danger of Manifesting

Megan Mcdonough
Woman ThinkingThere’s danger lurking in our 21-day Challenge. Even though you and I have committed to focusing on one action every day to move closer to our goal, it does not mean other tasks magically disappear to make room for that focused action. In fact, it seems like the opposite happens – even more tasks get heaped on our plates. (more…)

Day 14: Heaven and Hell in a Yoga Business

Megan Mcdonough
Fire and IceAs I write today’s post, I am lounging on my hammock in the front yard. I’m dressed for success in my sporty gray sweatpants and fluffy blue slippers. The frogs are hopping into our little pond, and I’m thankful today that my son Jon is over at a friend’s house instead of catching them with his net. Turkey Fred is coming over to check me out with his goose-bumpy red neck, while our...