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Wii Fit Yoga in Japan

madoka kasahara
Wii-Fit-Yoga.JPGHas anyone tried Nintendo Wii Fit? I was always curious about the computer game since it was the biggest sale item last Christmas. But I never expected to try it out during the Japan trip for my grandmother’s funeral. After the funeral and seven-day ceremony for my grandmother, my brother and sister-in-law invited me to stay over at their place. Since I always talked about yoga,...
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Yoga Practice at A Funeral Hall

madoka kasahara
MK_funeral-hall_03.27.09.jpgWhen I arrived in Japan for my grandmother’s funeral, I went at around 10 pm to the funeral hall where my grandmother was kept. As her closest family members, we stayed at a tatami room in the funeral hall with my grandma, preparing to stay up all night because we had to keep the incense sticks burning over the next few days until she was cremated. Continue Reading: Yoga Practice at A Funeral Hall