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Learning the ABCs of Yoga

jane dagny
ABC BlocksWhen you first got involved in a yoga class, did you know how many types of yoga there are? I’ll have to be honest – when I chose a studio, I did not consider what style of yoga to practice. Okay, thinking back, I knew about Bikram and decided that it would not be my first choice. I took a second to consider and realized that Bikram would be too intense for me due...
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How Old Am I?

madoka kasahara
silver-lake-yoga-studio.jpgI hear a lot about how everyone has been so busy lately, and so have I. I don’t even feel like I’ve been sleeping enough. Why have I been so busy? Well, the list I’ve drawn up on things I have to do is too long to show you, but here is the partial stuff: regular work; acting class; assignment for the class; networking by attending film festivals; meeting with my fellow...
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Measure of Meditation

jane dagny
Hands In MeditationI’m kind of fascinated with how other people understand meditation. I am able to see and imagine what each person may be feeling in a diverse yoga classroom when we end our last asana with a guided meditation. Some totally go to sleep. Others appear very peaceful. Still, a number of us have furrowed brows – probably how I look. I’ve never done yoga with Madoka, but she tells...
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Feel Each Yoga Pose

jane dagny
Warrior Pose IIILast week, I went to yoga class on a different day, so I had a different instructor. Of course, there is always a feeling of unfamiliarity with a new instructor and new faces filling the class, but I’ve got to squeeze in yoga whenever possible.  The class was still the same level from the same yoga studio, so I thought to myself, “How different could it be?” Continue Reading: Feel Each Yoga Pose