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Neil Pearson

Finally, after a few years of good intentions, I am sitting down to blog. According to a quick internet search, this means that I am going to share ideas, information, opinions, and reflections. From a personal perspective though, much of what I intend to share is being passed on through me to you from my colleagues, teachers, patients and students. There will be some thoughts I consider my own too, and I will endeavor to clearly differentiate these.

If you have been on my website, or heard me talking, you know that pain care is my passion. As a physiotherapist, a yoga therapist, an advocate, writer, and teacher, I work to improve our treatment of people in pain. Pain is invisible. To date, the manner in which we educate health professionals, yoga teachers, and yoga therapists about pain has been lacking in content, wisdom and innovation. Equally lacking is the manner in which we have educated people about pain. Pain can be changed. There is hope.

There is so much we all need to learn about pain. We also need to learn more about chronic pain, AND we need to learn about the lived experience of pain. When I state that we need to learn, I include myself too. Scientific understanding is churning along and we continue to gain more and more clues about pain from this perspective. One key, though, is to interconnect this information with the human experience of pain. Another key is to stay aware that what we think is truth may not be absolute and unchanging. Yet another is to be clear on what makes sense, compared to the strength of evidence that we have to support an idea.

It’s possible that these concepts are not clear…yet. I expect this is what blogging is about. I get to write down what’s on my mind, doing my best to be clear, yet knowing that I am not writing a thesis. From post to post, I will build on ideas.

Pain is a huge topic. Pain management, pain advocacy, pain education and pain research make the topic vast. We understand pain best when we are able to look at it from multiple points of view. I guess in the end, that is my intent – to write in a way that helps me interconnect my understanding of pain, and helps you look at pain in new, compassionate and innovative ways.

  • Neil Pearson combines the practical applications of pain care while teaching through his retreats, pain management products and resources to provide guidance in recovery from chronic pain.
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    Author: Neil Pearson

    Neil Pearson is a yoga therapist, physical therapist and Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC. He provides therapy exclusively for people with complex pain problems. Neil shares his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pain and pathophysiology through

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