Day 2: Anusara Yoga

Margaret Kruszewska

MS_Anusara_day2.jpgIt’s difficult to explain this, but what keeps me coming back to a particular yoga session or teacher is the overall “tone” of the class, comparable to describing the aftertaste of a good wine or dining experience. The ingredients may all be there but it’s in how it’s all put together and experienced by the students that makes it effective and memorable. And so far my experience with the Anusara classes is, well – a jerky kind of energy – where students don’t know what’s coming or how to get out of the yoga poses and so it’s stop – go – stop – next go…

Today’s teacher was obsessed with explaining how to make the sides long by, what looked like to me, a kind of scrunching the shoulders up to her ears. Bizarre, as I watched her demonstrate the “long torso” by lifting her shoulders, both in the Cobra and standing balancers. I’m sure it took her many years to figure out the long torso look but it’s just not translating for us. OK, if I don’t understand what “fill the back with air” means, (and I’ve been around the proverbial yoga block!) then I’m gonna assume the other silent students in the room are also puzzled. (That look of knowing you’re not doing it right but don’t have a clue why).

And I ache at the end of the class – in not necessarily a healthy way – with my wrists still hurting from yesterday and my middle back tweeking after today’s yoga session.

My friend asks me how the Anusara yoga class was when I get home. I shrug my shoulders (making a long torso!)

OK, just OK and head for a long soak in the tub.

Six Days of Intense Anusara Yoga

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