A Day of Thanks Giving

Paloma Chavez

blessing.jpgI am a vegetarian, coming from an indigenous ancestry of  Yaqui and Apache,  and Spanish; Latina. I am typically not at the Thanksgiving Day parades or stuffing a turkey at 6:00 in the morning, or won’t give in to the groans of my family who say “Why can’t you not be a vegetarian today and just have a little turkey. It won’t hurt.”  It still confounds them when I say “I am a vegetarian every day.”

I am drawn more by the act of giving thanks, and acknowledging the prosperity of the universe’s gift of having a good home, genuine friends, loving animals, creative thoughts, supportive co-workers, an active sense of curiosity and the natural world that keeps me grounded.

I am thankful that my yoga practice has improved, become a daily offering and is showering me with new appreciations for the increasing connection of mind, body and spirit. The act of opening of one’s heart, expanding your breath, strengthening your spine is a direct teaching on how I approach any situation.

I believe today is about everyday, every minute, every lifetime and every opportunity given to us to show appreciation, respect and kindness to ourselves and others.

We at YogaHub take this time to send you our thoughts and blessings for a peaceful and joyful day of thanks. Encourage kindness, be thoughtful and embrace wonder.
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  1. Jared says:

    Thank you and all at Yoga Hub! Have a blessed holiday season.

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