Awakening Your Kundalini

wakening the kundalini is a slow and thoughtful process that requires individuals to set aside their fears of deep introspection in order to allow the spiritual and energetic flow of the kundalini awakening. By challenging yourself to pursue a practice that will unleash and unlock the untapped energies within your body is to invite a life filled with limitless possibilities.

[post-img]Kundalini Awakening is used to energize and release body tensions that block your energy flow. This blocked energy has been likened to the image of a coiled-up serpent that lays dormant within the base of your spine, waiting for the moment when you remove certain internal blockages that have been decreasing your energy and general well-being.

Each body reacts differently with kundalini awakening, in both a good
and a bad way. In order to decrease your chances of a negative
experience, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the
basics. With study and directed practice, you will be able to benefit
greatly from the positive effects of this specialized technique.

[tip-fact]It has been suggested that the most successful way of beginning your study of kundalini awakening is through the practice of Hatha Yoga and the integration of breathing exercises (Pranayama).

[b-quote]Through these exercises, along with a daily spiritual practice that includes meditation, the flow of kundalini energy will begin to unlock the seven chakras within your body.

Each chakra represents an area of the body that, when properly aligned, will stimulate those areas that support the function of our nervous system. One of the results of this alignment is the overall sense of increased stamina and energy.

When one experiences a true kundalini awakening, it has often been thought of as an enlightened moment of pure unlimited creativity, or as an opportunity to meditate on something that is larger than ourselves, our surroundings, or our daily concerns.  

When experiencing this sense of heightened awareness, the kundalini awakening offers us the ability to suspend any doubts we have of our given abilities, and also encourages us to observe our lives as a gift to be celebrated and shared.