Welcome to YogaHub

Welcome, you’ve come to the right place for building your professional practice! I’m Megan McDonough, yoga teacher and marketing mentor. Whether you’re just starting out, looking to expand your networking and visibility, or wanting to create e-commerce sales to generate additional revenue, YogaHub is the place to be. Just follow these simple steps…

Create your space.
Here’s where you list your services, tell people about the work you do, write your blog (or RSS feed from a current blog), add reciprocal links to your website if you have one, and add your calendar of events.

Build e-commerce sales.
To offer products to support your client’s practice and health, as well as to generate extra income, register as a YogaHub affiliate. It’s like having an online store without the hassle. You get a commission on any sales from people that come to the store through your unique link.

Network in a like-minded community.
Rather than the dreaded business networking groups, make friends and create contacts with people that love what you love. You can start by making friends with me, then search through YogaHub and find others who share your interests or live in your area.

Keep learning.
Just as with anything else, honing your business-building skills takes continuing education. Sign up to receive Mindful Marketing emails where I give you tips, tools, techniques and thought-provoking ideas to get clear about your marketing so you get the results you want with your business.

Wishing you well always! Feel free to stay in touch—connect with questions, comments, challenges and success stories right here at YogaHub.

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