Megan McDonough

Yoga Teacher / Business Marketing Consultant

Megan McDonough is an explorer at heart, uniquely prepared by her own professional and personal adventures to help you navigate the tricky path between dreaming about what’s at the summit and actually climbing Everest.

Mastery of “how to get from Point A to Point B” is her trademark, whether it’s leading Kripalu Center’s entry into online learning, fast-tracking the implementation of a first-of-its-kind worldwide virtual conference, creating award-winning executive sales techniques, developing 20+ consumer wellness products, or teaching thousands of people to live with ease and clarity based on their own internal compass.

This yoga-teaching mom’s get-it-done approach distills 20+ years of sales and marketing leadership in the largest healthcare companies on the globe, entrepreneurial success as a health and wellness consultant, trainer and writer, and a commitment to mindful living into three cornerstones:

  • 1. Get clear with yourself – and others – to get it done
  • 2. Take the natural next step
  • 3. Fast-track past the status quo

For more info or to read her full bio visit her site here.

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